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CleanONTO: Evaluating Taxonomic Relationships in Ontologies

Sleeman, D and Reul, Q H (2006) CleanONTO: Evaluating Taxonomic Relationships in Ontologies. In Vrandecic, D and Suárez-Figueroa, M and Gangemi, A and Sure, Y, Eds. Proceedings 4th International EON Workshop on Evaluation of Ontologies for the Web, Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Consistent ontologies are vital for the growth of the Semantic Web. We describe and appraise the OntoClean methodology and the different implementations available to evaluate taxonomic relationships in ontologies. We propose a new system, CleanONTO, which uses definitions to describe each concept, where definitions are paths from the concept to the root node of the ontology. In the current study, these definitions (paths) have been extracted from WordNet.

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Deposited By:McKenzie, Mr Craig
Deposited On:01 March 2007

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