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Capturing knowledge of user preferences: ontologies in recommender systems

Middleton, Mr Stuart E and De Roure, Prof David C and Shadbolt, Prof Nigel R (2001) Capturing knowledge of user preferences: ontologies in recommender systems. In Proceedings First International Conference on Knowledge Capture, pages pp. 100-107, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

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Tools for filtering the World Wide Web exist, but they are hampered by the difficulty of capturing user preferences in such a dynamic environment. We explore the acquisition of user profiles by unobtrusive monitoring of browsing behaviour and application of supervised machine-learning techniques coupled with an ontological representation to extract user preferences. A multi-class approach to paper classification is used, allowing the paper topic taxonomy to be utilised during profile construction. The Quickstep recommender system is presented and two empirical studies evaluate it in a real work setting, measuring the effectiveness of using a hierarchical topic ontology compared with an extendable flat list.

Subjects:Status > AKT Showcase Papers
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Deposited By:Shadbolt, Prof Nigel
Deposited On:19 April 2002

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