Re: The Mind/Body Problem

From: Dawson Jon (
Date: Fri Feb 23 1996 - 15:08:55 GMT

> Is it a soul that differentiates us from machines?
> What is a soul?
> Does it exist or is simply used as an excuse just like the
> subconscious?
> Do machines have a soul?
> How do we know ?
> Is it the ability to feel pain?
> Do the machines feel pain?

to add to this problem we can say Do we (humans,or maybe
sentients) have a soul. In our main belief we do but as to
do machines the only way to assume that they do not have a
soul is to say that they cannot because they are only a
creation, even if they may be advanced, technologically.
After all machines were created by us as were abacuses or
axes but to view these as having cognitive ability seems
unquestionably wrong

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