Re: What Is Behaviour?

From: Lyne Katherine (
Date: Wed Feb 28 1996 - 11:49:48 GMT

> From: Dock, Jennie <>
> Date: Wed, 28 Feb 1996 11:02:09 GMT

> is getting out of bed in the morning, or making a drink of hot
> chocolate last thing at night, a reflex or a behaviour? These are
> performed unconsciously (at least by me) so they could be called
> reflexes.

Are they really unconcious? Are they really reflexes? I would argee
that they are behaviours because sometimes you choose not to get out of
bed on time. Surely, as you say behaviour could be determined by choice
but I would suggest that reflexes are biologically predetermined. I
admit that most behaviours are biologically predetermined as well but
isn`t the element of choice the issue as you suggest?

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