Images Vs. Symbols

From: Bollons Nicholas (
Date: Mon Mar 11 1996 - 16:47:49 GMT

Some form of hypothetical propositional 'language' seems to be a lot
more plausible explanation than any 'on off' binary system. There is
no way the divergence and mass of sensory input could be explained in
any 2 dimensional method. How, for instance would you process hearing
and sound ? No 00010's could be used to represent the individuality
of all the pitches and tones used in music.

A form of 'logical language' (Kossyn's pseudo English) would work in
well with the use of A.I in research, as both human and computer
would seem to use a language for coding input and performing output
with the language as the medium for both.

We all know that a computer does not have a Homonculus (for if it
did it would also probably have a mind) But it does have something
very similar to one - A Central Processing Unit (C.P.U). This in
practise processes all the internal information of output and input
from a variety of different areas. Could some processing unit exist
in the brain other than the homonculus ? Processing data in a
logical and computational way ? Brain Imaging (using P.E.T) has
identified certain areas that are active during certain functioning
(retinotopical mapping). This makes the brain a multidimensional organ
in which different areas perform different functions just like in a
computer. Could these areas then portray to a C.P.U which processes
information or data. A logical Homonculus ? Is there any data to
indicate the physical existence of such a thing ?

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