Neural Nets

From: Lee, Liz (
Date: Thu Apr 25 1996 - 10:08:36 BST

I got very lost in yesterday's lecture but felt it was not appropriate
to stop you mid-flow! I do not understand exactly what substance a
neural net takes - is it computer software? How did the perceptron
work? You didn't explain the diagram of 2 rows of circles - the middle
3 circles of the bottom row did not appear to be linked to any others,
why ? I was less confused by the multi-layers idea and can see that it
takes the form of a sort of decision making device. As for Lorente de
No, these "loops", having been substantiated, what do they show other
than activity which carries on being passed in a circle rather than
down a line until it peters out? Is original thought a new loop
formation, or just a different route taken by the excitatory wave?
Sorry if this seems a little basic, but I know there were quite a few
people who found yesterday hard to follow. Thanks Liz

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