Re: Granny Objections to Computers' Having Minds

From: Nottingham Andy (
Date: Fri Apr 26 1996 - 11:34:09 BST

Hi, just a few more questions from Granny,

OK just a small point about not everyone being Einstien. I think the
most important point is that everyone has the potential for Einstien's
creativity, same goes for Shakespeare and Michealangelo for that
matter. They were all human beings as far as I know, they had
exactly the same capabilities as everyone else, the only difference
was in the way that they used their capabilities.

Another point that hasn't been mentioned, computers cannot be given
our method of percieving time. Computers have built in clocks which
can tell them the exact time at any moment. As humans we may have
body clocks but the don't tell you exactly what time it is. Our
perception of time seems to differ depending on situation. If you are
waiting in a queue time seems to pass slower than normally, a similar
thing happens while concentrating on work 'time flies'.

One final point we were shaped by evolution, unless you have a better
answer. Evolution only keeps survival traits, surely our self
awareness was necessary for our survival. Likewise if you say we do
not have the ability to chose, then why have the belief that we can?

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