Movement Vs. Telekinesis

From: Petrie Susie (
Date: Fri May 10 1996 - 11:38:20 BST

Could you help me out with the question, 'What is the difference
between movement and telekinesis'? please. This is how I would attempt
to answer it:

Movement happens due to the laws of science, namely the Force=Mass x
acceleration (F=ma) equation. The force of gravity will cause something
to move everytime if this law is applied to it. It is a physical
occurrence, which is more than likely, going to take place every time.
This is because the majority of past 'movements' have happened in the
same way. For example, if someone exerts a force on a pencil on a table
,like a push, it will move in a certain direction.

Whereas with telekiesis, can this be done? Telekinesis is the supposed
'moving objects with the mind'. Can someone really move that pencil in
the same way? Surely the mind can't have the power to exert such a
force on the pencil. If the mind does actually move it, how does that
mental process transform into a physical one like the normal F=ma
situation? If there is this possibility I would have thought there was
very weak evidence for it.

Am I on the right lines here? Thanks Petrie Susie

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