Re: What Is behaviour?

From: Chatwin Judy (
Date: Mon May 13 1996 - 15:02:59 BST

I have finally started to look at some of the exam questions in more
depth and it seems to me that what I thought I knew to be easy and
straightforward has proved more complex.

Despite having spent many hours on the Skinner paper I am still
having difficulty expanding fully on the question:
'What was wrong about behaviourism?'

Am I right in understanding that:

- there is no clear definition as to what is undertstood by

- it makes no attempt to answer the 'how' question,

- it cannot be used to explain intelligence,

- it cannot explain language,

- it cannot explain complex perceptual mechanisms and processes such
as pattern recognition?

Beyond these points I feel I am struggling, please could you expand
further on these or point me in the right direction.

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