From: Patel, Suzie (
Date: Thu May 23 1996 - 19:09:00 BST

" What is a Proposition?"

A proposition is the abstract meaning that is expressed by a word
within a sentance.
 Example; Two people called "A" and "B" were having a chat. "A"
told "B" about a piece of string that "B" had not seen., he said "
the sring was long", and because "B" had not seen the piece of string
he believed what "A" had told him.
The "long" part of the sentance would be known as the proposition
word. This would be so as "A" was proposing that the string was long.
So the way in which a person descibes a item, situation, occurance ,
or anything for that matter is proposing it, in a way in which they see
it to be themselves " in the eye of the beholder ". This may only be
true if the talking to someone whom did not see the item for
themselves. This type of proposition word's are universaly used in
all different languages.

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