Re: Algorithms

From: Norman, Laura (
Date: Fri May 24 1996 - 11:32:38 BST

Question 44. What is an algorithm?

An algorith is a set of rules that are used in computation for aspects
such as problem-solving. In computation there are three levels of
theory according to Marr. The middle level(intermediate) is the
algorithmic level where the exaxt nature of computation is specified.
Algorithmic processes can be studied regardless of how the processes
were installed originally on the actual device. Agolrithms are
mindless, with them in computation, a homunculus is not needed and we
do not have to actually understand them. Any person who can understand
instructions can use algorithms. Some people think that algorithms
apply to procedures that are guaranteed to solve problems, whereas
others think that it extends to wider range of problems such as
incomplete procedures.

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