Re: False Memory

From: Di Virgilio, Giovanni (
Date: Mon May 27 1996 - 13:04:55 BST

Here is my answer to question 14 (I know this has been
scrubbed off the list but I`ll answer it anyway)

I would have thought the simple answer to this question is
that we simply do not know if a memory is real.The "concept"
of memory is merely a hypothetical construct and as such is
theorised upon by using analogies or models.Therefore,memory
is just a: "spatial metaphor" which describes the storage
system we have to retain all past events and experiences
that we encounter in our lives.
     Neurobiology has made a great deal of progress in
advancing our knowledge of the nervous system.However,even
though we now know which areas of the brain are involved in
memory(e.g hippocampi in long term memory),biological means
can not explain the organisation or workings of
memory.Therefore,memories remain non-physical entities in
our minds.The best way of explaining memory is to produce
testable theories of its organisation that can be tested by
experimentation,such as free recall studies etc.

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