Re: Introspection and Explanation

From: Lowing, Ben (
Date: Wed Feb 12 1997 - 14:51:07 GMT

> Unfortunately, introspection -- reflecting on what's going on in our
> mind -- does not explain how our minds work. You need to take a cogsci
> course for that; sitting in an armchair reflecting on your experiences
> won't tell you!
> That's why introspection is not the way to explain the mind.

It may be the case that introspection tells us little about the way our
minds work, but how much has cogsci told us? It has offered numerous
models all of which seem to be inadaquate and it is my opinion that a
true explanation of the mind will never be reached because it is far
too complex for our current technology to explain. Also, how is it that
we seek to explain something that we do not understand fully? If an
adequate explaination is found, how are we to know if this is the case
as we are not aware of the ways in which our mind functions.

Lowing, Ben

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