Re: Individual choice, morality and free will?

From: Cherry, Sandra (
Date: Fri Feb 14 1997 - 09:43:48 GMT

sh> As to free will, that's a tricky area to
sh> which we will be returning later in the course. If you're interested,
sh> look at the other Student Skywriting Archives on the subject thread
sh> "Free Will" or the work of a physiologist called Libet.

Re the Libet article, He reserched "How a voluntary act can arise in
relation to the cerebral processes that mediate it?" I.E. Do our
cerebral processes occur before or after our conscious decision to act?
Participants were asked to time from when they had a conscious thought
to when they acted on it. I.E. when they thought about flexing their
fingers to when they actualy moved them. He concluded that cerebral
processes occur BEFORE any conscious decisions are made.
You can also find this in, "Behavioral & Brain Sciences (1985) 8, 529 -
566. Sandra Cherry

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