Re: Introspection and Explanation

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Date: Mon Feb 17 1997 - 15:19:24 GMT

> On Fri, 14 Feb 97 20:54:40 GMT Harnad, Stevan wrote:
> Subject: Re: Introspection and Explanation

(replying on the following point from GED196):

"Do cogsci models cope with this by assuming in effect no introspective
intervention; or do they assume that introspective structures in each
individual mind/brain relationship are the same? In fact, back to my
starting point: mind = awareness = (extraspection+introspection)."

> Kid-sib says: "What?"
> The only difference between introspection and extraspection is
> the object of the experience: If it's outside your body, it's
> extraspection (otherwise known as perception). If the object of your
> experience is your experience itself, i.e., if you are reflecting on
> your experiences -- on what's going on in your mind -- then you're
> introspecting.

Thank you. I was under the (wrong) impression that cogsci data did not
acknowledge the inclusion of actions resulting from introspection. Your
definition of cogsci data (ie., performance capacities of minds, what
the mind can do) coupled with the definitions above confirms (I
think) that it does include them. That makes sense to me: I had thought that
cogsci was saying introspection had no part to play, period!

I was not suggesting that introspection could reveal how the mind
works. Dunsdon, Graham.

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