Re: Searle's Chinese Room Argument

From: Smith, Damian M (
Date: Tue Feb 18 1997 - 12:19:38 GMT

Regarding the Turing test:

Isn't it a bit on the hard side? Why must the attribution
of consciousness to a computer be limited to the situation
where that computer flawlessly emulates a human being?
Hypothetically, is it not possible to imagine a situation
where one might form an impression of concsiousness
existing in a computer, without it necessarily having a
property of being indistinguishably human in nature?

If this has already been discussed in some
forum I'm not privy to I appologise, but as an
intercalating medic (hence on the 1st year
list) who is fairly interested by what is being
discussed here, I'm not doing the lectures -
can someone reply for my benifit please?!


Smith, Damian M

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