Re: Monty Hall

From: Harnad, Stevan (
Date: Fri Feb 21 1997 - 18:20:24 GMT

> From: Horne, NMC <>
> P.S. Can anyone explain to me how and why this problem is relevant to
> the PY104 course???

It's meant to show how cognition can penetrate some things and
not others. You cannot see the Mueller-Lyer illusion lines
as being of equal length even though you KNOW they are.
The way you see them cannot be "penetrated" by this knowledge.

The Monty Hall problem, on the other hand, CAN be cognitively
penetrated. But it isn't easy. First you have to understand
why switching will always make you win 2/3 of the time,
sticking to your first choice will win only 1/3 of the time,
and tossing a coin to decide whether to stick or switch will
win 1/2 the time...

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