Re: Cognitive architecture

From: Dunsdon, Graham (
Date: Thu Feb 20 1997 - 08:50:59 GMT

Churchland (1988) argues that there 'may be no assumptions about the
world which are immune to revision given enough exposure to a world in
which those assumptions do not hold'. Yet, as I understand it, Fodor
says there are some aspects of perceptual systems -which as you have
identified - seem to refuse to accept or heed relevant information (
eg.,illusions) in the act of perception. Intuitively, I would say that
perception ought to adhere to the principles implicit in Churchilll's
argument: thus the change agent would be the continued relevance of the
perception. But what do illusions really tell us - are they of any
perceptual relevance? Dunsdon, Graham.

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