Missing the point?

From: Minnett-Westwood, Della (dtfmw196@soton.ac.uk)
Date: Thu Feb 20 1997 - 13:33:05 GMT

I think that I may be missing the point somewhat, but what do cognitive
scientists hope to achieve by explaining and simulating cognitive
processes using computational methods? I have read the first two
Chapters of Green et al, and have been overwhelmed by the complexity
and diversity of the text and theories contained within it. However, I
have failed to identify any practical applications of Cognitive

Surely the aim of any discipline concerning itself with the human being
must be not only to enhance our knowledge and understanding of
ourselves, but to enrich some physical or psychological aspect of
ourselves in a positive way.

For instance, I understand from the text that certain machines can
display the same errors in language when damaged as dyslexics display.
This means that we now have a model of dyslexia and can deduce which
faulty circuits produce it. So what happens next? Unfortunately, I am
told that rewiring the brain is slightly more complicated than rewiring
a simulated model of a minute part of it in isolation.

I look forward to enlightenment.

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