Re: The Other-Minds Problem

From: Gill, Lynn (
Date: Wed Feb 26 1997 - 14:52:51 GMT

> From: Head, Phineas <>
> we know that an animal
> feels, and feelings = a mind. We know this precisely
> BECAUSE s/he squeales when we prod her/him. As an
> extension of this, is 'mind' = 'life'? Plants are
> alive but don't think (I think.....?) so where does that
> put them since life wants to live and, I suppose, mind
> wants to think?

I'm not sure that feelings DO = mind, many species, eg. aplysia, react
to stimuli ie. have 'feelings', yet I find it hard to imagine that it
has a 'mind' (in the sense of making decisions or solving problems) or
are we talking about a different kind of feelings?

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