2nd Quiz on Friday May 18

From: Harnad, Stevan (harnad@cogsci.soton.ac.uk)
Date: Sun May 04 1997 - 13:45:16 BST

Some points (from Dye, Matt) about the next test, Friday,
May 16, which will be on chapters 7-11:

Everyone is reminded to read the instructions carefully.

Please bring a pencil, because biro markings can be misread by the
computer, and are harder for you to change if you change your mind.

In any case, it's much better to mark your tentative answer on the
question sheet, and only transfer it to the answer sheet once you
have made up your mind. Remember that there are only 36 questions,
which could be answered in 10 minutes, whereas you have the whole
45 minutes, so you need not rush.

You must put NOTHING in the Candidate Number section on the first page.

Remember to write your name on BOTH answer sheets or you can only be
credited for the marks on the first one.

All those sitting in the back half of the class must leave an empty seat
between them; only the front half rows can have a student in every

Cheers, Stevan
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