Re: Question 6 Challenged

From: Harnad, Stevan (
Date: Tue May 20 1997 - 21:46:05 BST

> From: "Anonymous" <>
> I feel that question 6 is somewhat ambiguous. I know
> that the statement "Would you mind getting off my foot?"
> can, and indeed normally is, used as a directive but
> semantically it is a question. Considering also that it was
> given out of context on an exam paper and no speaking
> meaning was there to be interpreted I think that you would
> be justified in saying that it was a question.

Well, that's a sophisticated challenge. I can't complain if
your challenge is based on obviously understanding everything
that was at issue. Question 6 is stricken.

Now I have 2 questions: Why did you send this anonymously?
You should be proud of your comment.

Second, how come no one has challenged Question 32, which is wrong, and

(32) Which of the following are short-term memories:
a. ***episodic memory
b. echoic memory
c. iconic memory
d. digit span
e. all the above

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