Re: Wittgenstein and Concepts

From: Counter, SRM (
Date: Sat May 24 1997 - 23:21:45 BST

Hi there,

I saw recently that you posted some stuff on Wittgenstein's
interesting ideas on language.

I noticed that you did not agree with most of what he said -
could you possibly tell me your reasons for why you disagree
with his work (especially in case no 1 on private language)
as I am studying philosophy and it would be of much help to

I still also am unclear on how one can prove that we have
minds. The philosopher Descarte did not actually prove that
we have minds in his work as his Cogito Ergo Sum does not
make sense to say the least. He made what has become known
as a category mistake and thus the deabte on whether we
actually have minds is still open.

You say we need minds in order to feel and witness emotions
etc but surely a brain can do all of this?

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