Re: Miller: Magical Number 7 +/- 2

From: Parker, Chris (
Date: Thu Nov 16 1995 - 08:53:58 GMT

Just a few comments on Miller from Chris.

>If we are very ignorant, then when we make an observation, it
>gives us a lot of information. [and vice versa]

I isolated tribespersons in the Amazon region sees a tv will
they get more information than me? If we only thought of affordances,
they would see something to sit on? I would see a more affordances.

>This aymptotic value we take to be the channel capacity..

I thought if you gave someone too much information they saturate
and the capacity suddenly drops or is that multidimensional info??

>Everday experiences teaches us that we can identify accurately
>any one of several hundred faces..

Yes but not just any faces. Don't all eskimos look the same?

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