Re: What the mind's eye tells the mind's brain

From: Parker, Chris (
Date: Mon Nov 20 1995 - 08:27:43 GMT

Mental Images: I enjoyed this part, the idea of life beyond images and
words as mental representions. Coding as a continuum was also
interesting and that Sperling's buffer was not available to conscious
thought (related to more complex automatic routines which you musn't
think about while you are doing them or else you mess them up?)

Picture Metaphor: I so agree that the "The whole vocabulary of imagery
uses language appropriate for describing pictures and the process of
perceiving pictures." At the start of this paper I was worried that the
title indicated more of the same thing.

Information Processing Model: I couldn't follow all of this, but will
we be moving towards the "fine detail information processing model" as
a replacement for the picture/image metaphor, which has no causal role
for the experience of imaging? I'm trying to see where we are going.

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