Re: What the mind's eye tells the mind's brain

From: Baden, Denise (
Date: Tue Nov 21 1995 - 13:50:44 GMT

ws> current use, it becomes very active, and goes to the top of the
ws> hierarchy. Closely related concepts are also activated. As the
ws> be several active concepts at the top of the hierarchy, and the rest
ws> are dormant. This temporary 3-D structure is the image we have when
ws> we are thinking. If another concept becomes the one is use, then the
ws> hierarchy is re-structured into a different 3-D configuration, and
ws> the image changes.
It sounds like you're referring more to a neural network model here,
which isn't the impression that I got from Pylyshyn. I must admit, I
find the neural net model more persuasive and easy to visualise than the
descriptions offerred by Pylyshyn. Denise

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