Grandmother objections

From: Harnad, Stevan (
Date: Wed Dec 13 1995 - 17:24:55 GMT

> From: "Lucas, Melody" <>
> Date: Wed, 13 Dec 1995 17:08:55 GMT
> I was wondering if you could clarify the issues from the last two
> seminars for me. I seem to be a Grandmother without really knowing how
> to not be one. The problem is, that with theory there is no such thing
> as the elimination of bias and although I want to reduce mine and 'see
> the light' I'm aware of the possibility of becoming a sheep to your
> bias. Cheers, Mel.

Hi Mel, there's hope because there are only about 6-8 grandmother
objections to computers/machines in all; once you've heard why
each of them is invalid, it's over! If you discover a 9th, it'll
be a new objection, hence not a grandmother-objection, even if
it's wrong. Grandmother-objections are the ones that everyone always
raises at first; rare objections whatever their direction. Chrs, S

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