Next 4 sykywreading/writing assignments

From: HARNAD, Stevan (
Date: Thu Mar 09 2000 - 14:34:36 GMT

Hi All,

Here are the next four skyreading/writing assignments. They will
be archived in the Hypermail Discussion archive for this course.

Blakemore S1(Lucas) P1(Searle) S2(Dennett)
Boardman S1(Lucas) P1(Searle) S2(Dennett)
Brooking P1(Chalmers) S1(Searle)
Brown S1(Chalmers) P1(H-Symbol)
Butterworth S1(Babbage) P1(H-Symbol)
Cliffe P1(Babbage) S+[3](evolution) S1(Chalmers)
Edwards P1(Lucas) S1(Searle) P2(Dennett)
Egerland P1(Babbage) S1(Pylyshyn) P2(Dennett)
Grady P1(Lucas) S1(H-Symbol)
Kirstein S1(Babbage) P1(H-CompCog)
Paramanantham S1(Turing) P1(Pylsyshyn)
Pentland P1(Chalmers) S1(H-ComCog)
Shaw P1(Turing) S1(H-Symbol)
Terry P1(Turing) S+(Chalmers) S1(Pylyshyn) P2(H-ComCog)
Worrall S1(Turing) P1(Pylyshyn) S2(H-ComCog)

(1) By week of March 13:

Searle: Minds, Brains and Programs

Primary: Blakemore, Boardman Secondary: Brooking, Edwards

--- (2) By week of March 20:

Harnad1 (H-Symbol): Symbol Grounding Problem

Primary: Brown, Butterworth Secondary: Grady, Shaw

--- (3) By week of March 27:

Harnad2 (H-ComCog) Computation is Just Interpretable Symbol Manipulation: Cognition Isn't

Primary: Kirstein, Terry Secondary: Pentland, Worrall

--- (4) By week of April 3 (but April 6 lecture will be rescheduled):

Dennett: The Practical Requirements for Making a Conscious Robot

Primary: Edwards, Egerland Secondary: Blakemore, Boardman

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