Last Assignments

From: HARNAD, Stevan (
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 14:59:42 BST

Hi All:

Here are the last assignments:

Still due for this week:

Blakemore (secondary)
Boardman (secondary)

The last three papers are ZIEMKE, MACDORMAN and DAVIDSON.

They are all PDF files (so you need to confert to ascii to

They are at:

Shaw (primary)
Brown (secondary)
Grady (secondary)

Butterworth (primary)
Kirstein (secondary)
Paramantham (secondary)

Pentland (primary)
Brooking (secondary)

Note that there is 1 primary and 2 secondaries for Z & M, and one each
for D. That's to even out the number of contributions by everyone.
(Remember 30 marks are based on these: if you want to raise prior ones,
you can join in too, as Owen has done several times already!).

Cheers, Stevan

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