Re: Turing Test

From: Boardman, Adam (
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 18:03:42 BST

If you take a T3 passing robot then remove all external
non-computational components (sensors & limbs etc), then re-attach all
its inputs/outputs to other computer systems that simulate an
environment, identical to the real one.

Have we killed it? Its now entirely computational, could be simulated
inside another person.

Are we saying that it would fail to develop a mind in these
circumstances if it hadn't had the additional benefit of the real
world? or that being placed in a virtual world would cause it to lose
its mind?

If we take it that Searle is running this new computational system that
has had the benefit of grounding in the real world and is now placed
entirely inside his head within its virtual world. Then surely we must
have a T4 before we have a mind?


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