Re: Turing: Computing Machinery and Intelligence

From: Yusuf Larry (
Date: Tue Mar 20 2001 - 16:59:40 GMT

Turing: Computing Machinery and Intelligence

Harnad Minds, Machines, and Turing

Yusuf L:

I believe Turing in this paper was referring to the T2 implementation when
he talked about indistinguishability. T3 has developed through the evolution
of thought of different intelligent people over time. In my opinion Turing
is a very intelligent man and would have stated explicitly T3, if that was
what he meant. He is therefore liable for any criticism the T2
implementation might get.

Yusuf L:

Turing restricted himself by using the game as an example of his idea. The
game has led to numerous misunderstandings in terms of what he meant by
“fooling the interrogator” and “an average interrogator will not have
more than 70 percent chance of making the right identification after five

Extending a flawed example to cover the bigger concepts he wished to show,
only left him open for a lot of controversy and a produce a not very good
description of a brilliant idea.

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