Re: Turing Test question

From: Yusuf Larry (
Date: Fri Mar 30 2001 - 13:04:17 BST

> > Ai's research division
> > created Hal, Ai's baby algorithm, which demonstrates the linguistic
> > capabilities of an 18-month-old baby. Recently, Ai met its first
> > milestone when Hal passed the "Infant Turing Test",

This is a good step on our journey towards passing the TT and seems to me to
be another T2 (pen-pal) test. In which case, my point that in as much as we
might decide not to consider the "foolish points" from the Turing paper
there are people out there who do and spend time and money investigating
this "foolishness" is founded.

> > in which a user
> > would not be able to distinguish if he or she were interacting with a
> > human or a computer.

This statement just brought a point to mind. Why did turing ever need to
distinguish between Man or machine. Why didn't he / we just try to develop
intelligent beings that could do what we do. After all this is the aim at
the end of the day. This leads back to my point that the "party game" was an
absolutely dire example to base such good ideas on.

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