Re: Babbage/Menabrea: Analytical Engine

From: Sparks Simon (
Date: Thu May 24 2001 - 14:28:48 BST

>> pure intellect that which depends on the reasoning faculties.

> Marinho:
> If this is accepted, intelligence as I interpret it is mathematical
> calculation with an aspect of reasoning. In other words computation
> with understanding.

Isn't understanding just a classification problem based on rules?
When we understand a concept, a spoken phrase of english for example, we
have been able to classify the constituent semantics of the concept based on
an ontological set of rules or a schematic reference that is learned.
The symbol grounding problem aside (i.e. assuming that such a reference has
been established - in this case the knowledge of the english language and
the meaning of some of its words), isn't this description of understanding
as a process of reference and classification no more than a form of

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