Re: Sony Turing Test

From: Boston Robert (
Date: Mon Jun 04 2001 - 14:18:13 BST

Its a con, call me a sceptic but I donít think the technology is up to
this level yet.

I think the most telling line of questioning would be blade runner esk, i.e.
trying to see if it has any emotions I would ask it questions such as

1. Do you like me?
2. Do you think I am am a nice guy?
3. Do you think hurting me is wrong?
4. How would I feel if you hurt me?
5. Why would I feel like that?

I don't think a computer could give sensible answers to the last questions


Are you a robot?
Are you sure?
Look tell me the truth or i'll kick the crap out of you
Stop giving me the evil eye
Don't play dumb with me or I'm sending you to silicon heaven buster
I said stop giving me the evil eye
millenium hand shrimp!
are you sane?
did you hear that car?
where was I standing a minute ago?
do my eyes loook evil?
I've warned you about giving me the evil eye why wont you stop?
who do you think i think has the evil eye problem?
what duck?
See if it recognises you if you come back wearing a hat and glasses talking
very fast with lots of slang in a scouse accent, I don't think with
today's technology it could recognise you or understand what you are

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