Re: Introspection: The Science of Experience

Date: Fri Oct 27 1995 - 10:57:23 GMT

> And so it goes. You've heard about "false memory syndrome" (there are
> experts on it in this department, notable, Dr. Amina Memon), in which a
> therapist suggests to you that something happened to you a long time ago
> that has been repressed by your unconscious

Hi psych thinkers,Donna here i hope i have quoted the messege
properly this time,practice does (as they say make perfect).

I would like to hear more about the 'false memory' syndrome' i have
never heard of it before,it seems like an interesting concept.I'm not
sure if i quite understand it though.Does it suggest that people can
block out their memories?,and that they can then bring the memories
back through inward inspection (introspection)?
How is this done? surely it is impossible to completely block out
memories simply by willin them to go away.Maybe i have the wrong idea
about what 'false memory' syndrome is.
Anyway the introspection approach is a very interesting one,of course
it is a natural way to approch psychology,but it is also obvious that
psychologist's can't conduct this as the only means of research
because it can't be used successfully on other people,noone can
truely 'get inside another person'.Unless hypnosis can give the
researcher the same kind of idea.
                             See you all later,Donna.

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