Re: Sexual Jealousy

From: Bollons Nicholas (
Date: Fri Dec 01 1995 - 13:42:50 GMT

In regards to the issue of ' Jealousy in Homosexuals' discussed in
Friday's tutorial. In my opinion there could be some justification to
a 'Darwinian' approach to the occurrence of Homosexuality.

If a genetic theory is employed as a reasoning for homosexual
behaviour, as has recently been identified, if this is true: then how
come the gay/lesbian population has not died out? Due to there
un-desireability to mate with the opposite sex and therefore not
continuing there gene pool ie homosexual desires.

This has to be seen in a cultural context that until this century,
and predominantly the last two/three decades, has homosexual behaviour
become more acceptable and accessable. But this does not mean that
the homosexual desires were not there before (ie in centuries
preceeding this -no time scale) and it is this that the 'Darwinian'
theory implies.

This may explain the reason for them in present society: but it also
gives them a bleak outlook for the future. Continued Homosexual
practise will not create any children, let alone ones with there gene
pool, and in accordance to Darwinianism supposedly eradicate the inferior
species characteristic.

The types/degree of Homosexual behaviour are so different that opposite
sexual practise will continue to occur, and the population so huge
that i do not think that this will happen.

My thoughts on highly controversial and seemingly embarrassing topic

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