Re: Libet: Mental Timing

From: Liz Lee (
Date: Wed Jan 24 1996 - 10:17:15 GMT

> Subject: Libet: Mental Timing
> But if you see it from the context of the patient being tested in a
> controlled environment then they are aware that in a certain time frame
> (12 O'Clock AM to 12 O'Clock PM they are going to make somesort of
> pre-defined response/movement. A conscious prediction of a pre-defined
> outcome may cause the un-conscious prediction (potential of neurons to
> fire) before the next conscious process of willing the movement.
> The idea of knowing what to do in a certain situation will increase the
> speed (by potential neuron firing) to react in that situation.
Surely if this is so, the readiness potential will be firing from at
least the time the clock starts, because the subject will anticipate
his own action after that time. The fact that the readiness potential
only kicks in a very short time before the conscious decision to
press the button is made (well after the clock starts) must prove that
the potential comes before the subject is aware of it?


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