The Ground Rules

From: Stevan Harnad (
Date: Sat Oct 11 1997 - 13:43:46 BST

Hi All of my tutees (I think).

There has been a lot of swapping, but those of you who get
3 copies of this message are all on the right lists. If you
get only 2 copies (and think you are one of my personal tutees)
please email me to sort it out.

In particular, Ashley Povey seems to have been switched to me,
and then switched elsewhere!

Now, for Skywriting, please send your course comments and questions to:

That's the address to which you should send all INTELLECTUAL messages.
It goes to all of my personal tutees and me. (It's a good idea to save
it in your electronic addressbook, with a short nickname/alias so you
don't have to type it out every time).

To send an intellectual message to the same people, but anonymously.
send it to:

That way no one (including me) will know who sent it.

If you want credit for it for the course, but want it to be anonymous to
everyone else, send it to my email address:

and I'll post it for you anonymously.

All these Skywriting Discussions will be archived on the World-Wide-Web

Please look there for the class discussion. (Put it in your Netscape

For nonintellectual messages (personal problems, etc.) intended only for
me, again, use

Now, the next message (of which you should only receive one) will be
to py106sh

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