Re: Machines R Us

From: Elizabeth Hocking (
Date: Sun Nov 23 1997 - 16:25:24 GMT

Computers are machines that have been created by man to help with many
things: from calculations to word processing to worldwide
communications. Computers are programmed to react in a particular way
to commands - a specific input results in a specific output. In this
way, it is evident that computers are inherently stupid - any choices
they make are restricted to those which have been programmed into their
make-up. They have no knowledge or innate process for survival. If told
to, they would have no hesitation in destroying themselves and all that
is part of them. They have no common sense and would corrupt everything
if programmed to. A computer also has a memory, but its memory space is

Humans on the other hand, are inherently intelligent - we can make
balanced choices from unlimited possibilities. There is also no limit
to our memory - there is enough space to remember every single thing
that happens in our lives.

These are some of the differences between computers and humans. I'm
sure that there are more, but I have not come up with any others.

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