Instructions for the Miller Skywriting

From: Stevan Harnad (
Date: Mon Feb 09 1998 - 18:17:42 GMT

Hi All,

Just to remind you that we are doing a monster of a paper for the next
time, but one of the most important ones in all of Psychology. I would
have discussed it with you late in 2nd year, but as I am leaving, and
thereby orphaning you, I want you to be able to make your way in the
world, so we are doing this paper now.

(You're not really going to be orphans: you'll get a new step-tutor for
2nd and 3rd year, and they will not tax your brains as I've been

So the paper is George Miller's famous "Magical Number 7 plus or minus
two: Some Limits on our capacity to process information."

You will find it on the Web at:

It has (appropriately) 7 sections. I've written the name of which
section each of you will be covering. You have 2 weeks (next tutorial
is Monday 23 February at 3:30 pm):

    Information measurement (Joanne)
    Absolute judgments of unidimensional stimuli (Bejoya)
    Absolute judgments of multidimensional stimuli (Sam H)
    Subitizing (Liz C)
    The span of immediate memory (Catriona B)
    Recoding (Liz H)
    Summary (Sam F + Danielle)

I will email each of you the text part of your section.
(Missing the figures and the rest of the article.)

Keep you part in the mailer, as you will be quoting and commenting on
it by email. Send the quote/comments to:

For the figures, see the full Web version, as above.

If you have any questions, email me or the py106sh list.

It would be best if you commented on your sections in order:
Joanne first, then Bejoya, etc.

Also, there is already some skywriting about this paper

Have a look.

Chrs, Stevan

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