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This research is part of a large-scale multi-disciplinary and multi-organisation programme, whose  common theme is that of High Performance and Robust Systems (HIPARSYS). High performance systems need to be highly optimised to meet their demanding requirements. However there is currently a paradox in achieving robust systems that also have high levels of performance and innovation, which are essential for competitiveness. Design Simulation and Modelling (DSM) of components and systems is key to resolving this paradox and optimising performance with reliability and risk. However, to fully tackle this issue and achieve reduced time scales, DSM also needs to be extended to the organisations and processes that produce the systems. Therefore, this research seeks to apply DSM to components, systems and organisations.

Support for this research project is provided by the Department of Trade & Industry (DTI). If you wished to learn more about this project, please refer to the Overview section for more details.

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