Table 3. Online journal formats (by subject and date)

TitleStart DatePostscriptdviTeXhtmlpdfasciiOther
Mathematics and statistics--------
Electronic only journals--------
Electronic Journal of Differential Equations1993X------
Ulam Quarterly1993X-X----
Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis1993 SeptemberX------
Electronic Journal of Combinatorics1994XXX----
New York Journal of Mathematics1994XX-----
Electronic Research Announcements of the AMS1995XXX----
InterStat: Statistics on the Internet1995X---X--
Theory and Application of Categories1995XX-----
Electronic Journal of Probability1995 AprilXXX----
Notices of the AMS1995 January---X---
Electronic editions--------
Acta Mathematica Universitatis Comenaianae-XX-----
Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae-XX-----
Beitrage zur Algebra und Geometrie-XX-----
Bulletin of the AMS-XXX----
Missouri Journal of Mathematical SciencesPlannedX-----
Numerische Mathematik Electronic Edition-X-X-X--
Seminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire-XXX----
Electronic-only journals--------
Online Journal of Current Clinical Trials-------OCLC Guidon
Psychiatry Online1994---X---
Educational Synopses in Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine1994 April-----X-
Medicine Online1995---X---
St Francis Journal of Research and Public Health1995---X---
Emerging Infectious Diseases1995 January---XXX no figs-
International Antiviral News1995 May---X---
Electronic editions--------
Annals of Saudi Medicine--------
Canadian Journal of Plastic Surgery----X--rtf no figs
Immunology Today Online-------OCLC Guidon
Human Reproduction Update1995---X---
Journal of Image Guided Surgery1995 June---X---
Medicine and Global Survival1995 June---X---
Physical science--------
Electronic-only journals--------
Mathematical Physics E-journal1995 MarchX------
Electronic editions--------
Classical and Quantum Gravity---X gif/eps----
Physics Uspekhi Online--X no figs-----
Applied Physics Letters Online1995------OCLC Guidon
Journal of Chemical Physics Express1995XXX----
Physics Express Letters1995---XX--
Astrophysical Journal Letters1995 July---XX--
Physical Review Letters Online1995 July---XX-OCLC Guidon
Electronic-only journals--------
Journal of Quantitative Trait Loci1995 April---X---
WWW Journal of Biology1995 October---X---
Electronic editions--------
BioMedNet journals----X---
Florida Entomologist1994 November----X--
Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design1995---X---
Journal of Molecular Biology1995----X--
Journal of Biological Chemistry1995 April---XX--
Protein Science Online1995 September---X---
Electronic editions--------
Journal of Animal Science 1995 X------
Tree Physiology1995 October----X--
Computer science--------
Electronic-only journals--------
Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research1993X--X planned---
Chicago Journal of Theoretical Computer Science1995XX-----
Journal of Functional and Logic Programming1995XX-----
Journal of Universal Computer Science1995 JanuaryX--X withdrawn---
Electronic editions--------
Collaborative Computing-----X--
Computer Journal1995 JuneX---X--
Electronic-only journals--------
ESAIM: Control, Opimization and Calculus of Variations1995X------
Journal of Corrosion Science and Engineering1995---X---
Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics1995X-XX---
Electronic editions--------
Digital Technical Journal------X-
Electronics Letters Online----X--OCLC Guidon
Engineering and Laboratory Notes----X--Scanned pages
Journal of Math Systems, Estimation and Control-X------
Optical and Quantum Electronics-----X--
Materials science--------
Electronic editions--------
Journal of Materials Science1995----X--
Journal of Materials Science Letters1995----X--
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics1995----X--
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine1995----X--
Electronic-only journals --------
Journal of Molecular Modelling1995---XX--
Information technology--------
Electronic-only journals --------
Interpersonal Computing and Technology1993 January-----X-
IT and Disabilities1994 January---X---
Electronic editions--------
Informatics----X no figs, tables---
Electronic-only journals --------
Journal of Statistics Education1993---X maths TeX, tables ascii---
Journal of Computer-Aided Environmental Design and Education1995---X---
Electronic editions--------
Bioscene: Journal of College Biology Teaching-------Bitmaps
Journal of Industrial Teacher Education----X---
Journal of Veterinary Medical Education----X---
Journal of Technology Education1992X some issues--X tables ascii, figs ps---
Australian Journal of Engineering Education1995---X---
Other subjects--------
Electronic-only journals --------
InterJournal1995AUTHOR DEFINES------
Complexity International1995 AprilXXX----
Electronic editions--------
Journal of Applied Communications----X---
Behavioural and Brain Sciences---X---
Journal of Petroleum Technology1995----XX-