The open linked-data web in growing in size and effect. Tools for exposing data are now common. Specifications for publishing this data in a controlled manner are not. LDS3 provides a REST based specification to enable the controlled publishing of Linked-Data...more.

A Specification to Enable Sharing of Datasets

Picture Demonstrating Community of Sharing

  • Automated Publication
  • Assisted Update
  • Supports Group and Individual Accounts
  • Support for multiple linked datasets


Create and contribute your own dataset and witness the added benefit of LDS3 for yourself!

Learn how to create a simple dataset and contribute it to the LDS3 Sandbox

Try Out

Follow the Getting Started guide to find out how to use an LDS3 endpoint and find out for yourself how useful a automatically populating linked data graph model can be.


Find out how to deploy your own LDS3 server using the Install Guide.

Alternatively simply refer to the Full Specification to deploy LDS3 on your own platform.