Index to Miao Songs and Stories.

Beginnings (M101 - M160)
  1. Creation and the ordering of the heavenly bodies.
  2. The flood and related stories.
  3. Songs of Zhyu-shi-lao who cleared the forests.
  4. Legends of Nzyu-fa-lao, the great shaman-healer.

Miao history (M201 - M270)
  1. Early leaders
  2. The conflict with the Chinese and the loss of the homeland.
  3. Migration to the Yi territory.
  4. The saga of Byu-no and Sao-no.
  5. Subsequent incidents and recent migrations

Miao social life (M301 - M390)
  1. Old marriage customs and songs about marriage.
  2. Love songs.
  3. Songs of run-away lovers.
  4. Songs lamenting the "old people".
  5. Hua Miao spirit worship and songs of spirit worship.

Narratives (M401-500)
  1. Prose Stories.
    1. Stories of creatures wise and creatures foolish.
    2. Stories of man and the animals.
    3. Stories of good rewarded and evil punished.
    4. Stories with a Chinese setting.
  2. Stories that are or were songs.
    1. Hunting.
    2. Animals which became people and vice versa.
    3. The Ka-woman and the Rang-man.
    4. Tiger stories.
    5. Other stories.