Open Citation Project
Animal Health Information Specialists Annual Conference, April 2001, London
A joint NSF - JISC
International Digital Libraries
Index of the presentation

Title: Citations and Linking in Large-Scale E-print Archives
Dynamic digital archives
Biomedical archives
Eprint archives
History and growth of arXiv
Why use eprint archives?
Topics of the talk
Open Archives initiative (OAi)
Open Citation project
OpCit partners
OpCit vs CrossRef
Reference linking: constraints and expectations
Linked references: example
Reference linking scheme for OAi
OpCit evaluation results
Type of references in arXiv papers: pie chart
Citation ratios
arXiv site hits
The "new paper rush"
Are preprints updated?
Article embryology: preprint to publication
Decreasing citation latencies
High, medium and low impact papers
Are papers cited then downloaded or downloaded then cited?
Impact of citation on usage
Citation spread: a few papers receive many citations
A scientometric search engine: cite-baseSearch
Conclusion: build the dynamic digital archive with EPrints

 Hitchcock, Citation linking in large-scale e-print archives