Open Citation Project
ACM Digital Libraries, June 2000, San Antonio, TX, USA
A joint NSF - JISC
International Digital Libraries
Index of presentation

ACM DL past
ACM DL present
Main topics of talk
Scholarly archives - recent major launches
Eprint archives - author self-posting
Why use eprint archives?
The Open Archives Initiative
OAi services
The Open Citation Project
OpCit - who we are
Reference linking: expectations and constraints
Tools for reference linking
Integrating linking services
Information environments
OpCit linked information environments
Pseudo tool integration in OpCit
Linked references (reprise)
Linking arXiv physics archives
Early linking demo: how many references linked?
How to improve reference linking
Going forward: key issues
What are journal publishers doing?

 Hitchcock et al., Developing Services for Open Eprint Archives