w    It is the means to Open Access for your researchers' work

w    It increases citations and the impact of their articles.

w    It simplifies the RAE

w    It showcases your university's research

w    It safeguards and stores the output of your university

w    It provides a home for teaching and learning materials

w    It enables data-sharing and enhances research


The University of Southampton's School of Electronics & Computer Science leads the world in open access software development and its applications. Its software, called EPrints, is used in hundreds of institutional repositories around the world. EPrints is open source, which means it is free to users, and may be downloaded from the EPrints site at Huge amounts of helpful information, including a Handbook, are available from that site. Take a look and see what is there to get you started, all provided direct from the originators and leaders in the open access field.


But it would be good to have some help from the experts


For those who would appreciate a little more guidance in setting up and running an institutional repository, the EPrints team is now offering an advice and consultancy service. Whether you want just some initial help or the whole job done for you, EPrints OpenArchives can provide what you need:


w     help with the specification

w     training for your IT specialist/librarian

w     repository-building service

w     full build-and-host option

w     expert advice on developing policies for using the repository to its best advantage



 EPRINTS OpenArchives

From the University of Southampton

The first — still the best


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