Preserv 2 final report 'candid and realistic'
The final report from the Preserv 2 project has been described by the JISC programme manager responsible for funding the project, Neil Grindley, as ‚ÄĚcandid and realistic about the ... more
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Oxford University Library Services ECS, University of Southampton The National Archives
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PRESERV 2 is funded by JISC within its capital programme in response to the September 06 call (Circular 04/06), Repositories and Preservation strand

PRESERV was originally funded by JISC within the 4/04 programme Supporting Digital Preservation and Asset Management in Institutions, theme 3: Institutional repository infrastructure development


EMAIL: Steve Hitchcock, Project Manager

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FAX: +44 (0)23 8059 2865

PRESERV Project,
IAM (Intelligence, Agents, Multimedia) Group,
Department of Electronics & Computer Science,
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Inspiration and Provision for Preservation of Digital Repositories

Repository managers are responsible for managing data within their repositories. One way of looking at digital preservation is as data management for the longer term.

The JISC Preserv 2 project is investigating and developing digital preservation services for repositories, to help repository managers plan for longer-term data management.

"It is important to build the concept of preservation from the outset"*. In the digital era, the 'outset' for most new research and educational materials will be the institutional repository.
* JISC Circular 4/04, note 10

Preservation: managing data for your repository
Challenge yourself. Is your repository in shape for the future?
The Repository

Repositories are changing. Developing your repository architecture, how OAI-ORE helps, and how policy affects your choices.

Choose and control large-scale storage, local or networked (in the 'cloud').
Preservation Services

Tools, services and help to identify and plan your technical preservation requirements.
The Big Picture

Pulling it all together. Combining repository management, storage and preservation services: 'smart storage'.

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