Southampton Science and Engineering Festival

Next year's Science and Engineering Day will be at our Highfield and Boldrewood campuses on Saturday 10th March .

Our Science and Engineering Day event won the British Science Association's award for the Best Engineering Event in 2009. and the award for best STEM Institution event in 2014. You can see some of 1010's acivities on a video made by our local newspaper.

British Science Week is an annual ten day programme each March of around 5,000 events running in the whole of the UK, celebrating science, engineering and technology and their importance in our lives. Here at the University of Southampton we celebrate the Southampton Science and Engineering Festival.

Electronics and Computer Science is planning to offer these activities at the 2018 Family Day

Electronic Construction

Build and take home a simpleMadLab gadget for £5. You will learn how to work on a printed circuit board and how to solder.


Learn how to keep safe on the Internet; find out about codes and ciphers.


Competitions and workshops to introduce young women to Engineering.

Student Amateur Radio Station

G3KMI talks with the world.

Source Bots

An autonomous robot competition for sixth form students.

Radio Treasure Hunt

Find the hidden transmitters.