About StorySpinner

StorySpinner takes an unusual approach to hyperfiction, exploring narrative pace in a "Card Shark"-like environment; readers select onscreen cards in order to advance the story, with the chosen cards influencing the tale. Readers may initially select options relating to the pace (and sense) of the story which they are about to read.

StorySpinner mid-story: the upper half of the screen shows remaining cards, the lower half contains the story so far.

StorySpinner was created by Clare Hooper, with the supervision and guidance of Mark Weal.

This system was first presented at HT05, the Sixteenth ACM Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia.

StorySpinner download and feedback

Please click here to download a copy of StorySpinner. Unzip and run StorySpinner.jar.

Feedback is welcome: drop me a line by emailing my first name [at] my domain (that's clarehooper.net). Cheers!